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  One passage in the Bible dictates that a married man should never let his mother-in-law move in with him. It's the part that says, 'No man can serve two masters!'

  The Bible tells us that we should love our neighbors. Did the Bible mention that they'd have a kid who plays drums?

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The author, Leif Werner, was born and raised in the city of Vastervik in Sweden and now lives since many years in the USA. Werner's profound scholarly knowledge of the Bible comes from many years of study and with a growing commitment to the study of Biblical Scriptures he has studied with some of the world's leading Bible scholars. Werner has become a true scholar of the Bible. Werner began as a musician in his mid-teen years. He graduated from the nationally accredited National Technical College in Civil Engineering, as well as from the nationally accredited KAROLINSKA INSTITUTET, INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE, INSTITUTET FOR MIL]OMEDICIN, Division of Toxicology. These are the world renowned research laboratories of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The Institute's faculty members determine the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine every year. Werner has worked for the Swedish Government as the Director of Public and Environmental Health and in the Middle East for the United Nations. On occasion, he still performs as a musician in the USA and Italy. Werner has written two Biblical scholarship books. He is currently working on the next book as a series of books. Werner is married to artist and professor of art education Leah Reuben Werner, and has two children. 

Werner has an active website at www.hvhy.org . 


My musical skills have been greatly exaggerated in my biography on my books. I was not an accomplished musician at 13. I was playing the drums in different music groups in my mid-teen years and that was cool, but I was far from accomplished. I started playing professionally, which led to membership in the Swedish Musicians Union. We received most of our engagements through them. I started to learn how to play the drums when I was 13 and I had excellent teachers, who I started to play with at the time. We all went to school together and had a school band. Two of them are now world renowned musicians. I am glad to be able to clarify this misprint on my books. It will be changed in the next edition printing. 

Remember I am not so important, but the Word of God...which I am so diligently trying to rightly translate and interpret is of ever lasting importance to YOU, that I can assure you.

Important are the concepts waiting to be discovered through these books. They are not fanatical or traditionally religious but instead focus on handling biblical subjects more investigative and scientifically. At the same time anyone with almost any educational background will understand their concepts. 

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Leif Werner
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